What a joy and delight when Ian was born. Ian was diagnosed with autism and asthma before the age of 2. I went to some of his therapy sessions, where he learned to do puzzles and to love any type of physical play. It was interesting to see how the therapists tried to focus his attention, and then I decided to do the same when he was with us. I learned the concept of RE-DIRECT. Each little accomplishment and smile means so much to all of us. We got to spend every other weekend with this little person, and it was so much fun taking him on excursions to find out what he loved: riding the train, going to the park to swing.
Because Ian is non-verbal, he would take our hand to show us what he wanted. Ian loved to twirl in the chair, or play the guitar with his Grampa, and play on the backyard swing. When we would go for a walk, Ian loved to hit every mailbox along the way. He loved to chase the cat and to open the kitchen cabinet to get a snack. We marched around the house every morning, and he was the leader while Grammy followed and sang nursery rhymes. We learned that Ian also loved bacon, and it was such a victory to get him to eat something new.  Of course, Ian had meltdowns but always tried his best. What a thrill it was when I asked him to come to sit next to me, and he DID. When Ian started school, I was able to visit for Halloween and his Kindergarten Graduation. We got to watch him play sports on several special needs teams, baseball, track, basketball, and soccer. He really loves playing with the other kids and tries his best with help.
Ian is now 9 years old. He lives 150 miles from us. We try to see him every 3 months or so, and he still knows Grammy and Grampa. Ian is extremely affectionate. He always smiles for his Grampa. He goes to school and is in a special needs class and has an aide to help him accomplish his goals. I send him a card and note every month. I hope someday he will be able to read those notes. Right now, it’s more about how crazy the card is.
Love from Ian’s Grammy