In March of 2015, we had a healthy precious baby girl, Scarlett. At only a couple of days old, we realized life was not going to be easy for her or us. She was diagnosed with epilepsy, due to a rare mutation of the KCNQ2 gene - associated with the potassium channel in her brain. Scarlett suffers horrible seizures that ultimately result in a trip to the ICU with a machine breathing for her. She is such a warrior, and her strength is truly an inspiration to us. We have recently experienced a breakthrough with a change in medication, and Scarlett just hit one-year seizure-free. Along with seizures, KCNQ2 kids often are diagnosed with autism or experience autism-like behaviors. Scarlett is five and non-verbal; she has a cortical vision impairment and does not eat solid foods. She has sensory issues, always has her hands in her mouth, repetitively claps and pokes at her eye, and potty training seems like a lifetime away. However, even though all the struggles, sleepless nights, and tears, she brings so much happiness to our life. Scarlett loves to be outside in the sun and loves to be tickled. She is the sweetest little girl and brings joy to anyone around her.