Young children are complex of needs and desires. They find themselves fed, clothed, kept clean, but that is only the beginning of what they want. They often say, "I need, I want, Give me" things, attention, and love. However, children with autism see it differently. My son, who was diagnosed with autism, did not point nor try to get objects outside of his reach. He never says Daddy nor Mommy, but he will react when you call his name. 
Children's language and vocabulary increase as they grow. Usually, in some cases, when they hear new words, they often use it or combine with other words. In my son's case, it's different. For years his vocabulary was limited, and his topic of conversation is subjected in a short and repetitious manner. 
Autism is best synonymous with a word enclosure. Their cognitive, language and social skills are confined within their comfort zone and in line with their repetitious routine. Nevertheless, it is our duty as a parent to push our children with special needs to go beyond their walls one step at a time.